Who is SAD FACE and why is he sad?
SAD FACE is a grey tabby cat. He is sad because life has gotten him down. Things just never seem to go right for him. I'm sure we've all felt this way once or twice.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration comes every day, from everyday things. Sometimes when something sad happens to me personally, it will be expressed as a SAD FACE illustration, as can be seen with 'LOSER'. At other times, as with 'BOX', 'ACHIEVEMENTS', and 'STRING', inspiration strikes when one of my four cats is being an idiot.

Is SAD FACE simply supposed to be taken as an unhappy cat, or is he a metaphor for all human sadness in the world?

Is SAD FACE British or Australian?
SAD FACE knows no borders.
*runs off to learn other languages*

Is SAD FACE a boy or a girl?
SAD FACE is a neutered male.

Do you have a question about SAD FACE? Please send it to me, Diana, at THISISSADFACE@gmail.com.