Hello. I am Diana. I've never really liked my name, though, and I wish at least that it was Indiana. It isn't. But I'd like it better if it was.


You can email me at thisissadface dot gmail dot com. This email is good for contacting me directly about anything. Anything at all. Press, compliments, abuse. Whatever you like.


I created SAD FACE one day in August 2010 for my own amusement. The inspiration came from a perfectly formed visual in my minds eye. The first illustration was drawn from deeply personal feelings, and I posted it to my now defunct personal blog site, and on Facebook.
The illustration was really well received by my friends, so I did some more, all mostly to do with how I was feeling at the time. The whole thing has gotten slightly out of hand and now I create new SAD FACE illustrations three times a week, and post them to www.thisissadface.com. Some of the illustrations are about depression. Some are about romance. A disproportionate amount are about cake.

If I were honest, which I really like to be, SAD FACE is ultimately a form of self therapy. Here, a story:

In 2009 we (me and my husband) decided we'd like to start a family. I already knew this might be a challenge due to some genetics on my part, but we decided to have a go anyway. Our first pregnancy went pretty badly, but we tried again straight away because you fall off the horse you get back on, right? Wrong.
I am now officially post-traumatic.

SAD FACE is a way to let it all out without freaking anyone out too much.


THIS IS SAD FACE is currently updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. SAD FACE can be found on various social media platforms on the web. You might like to join the Facebook group, or perhaps receive updates via Twitter? Or maybe tumblr is more your thing?

Lots of people ask me if I am worried about running out of ideas. Honestly, that thought terrifies me, and I hope it never happens.


At the moment I am 35 years old. I've been married twice. I have no kids (see: post-traumatic). I know how shit life can be. I also know how amazing it can be. Each day I strive to be happy, but most days I settle for 'not miserable'. I get it, and I am on your side.

In reality, I am very quiet and introverted. Life positively terrifies me most days, which is why I like nothing more than to stay at home with my four cats. I spend every day trying to get through without that number increasing. It is very difficult. If you're a felinephiliac like me, you'll understand.


The preferred way to write SAD FACE is all in capitals, two words. Even mid sentence. Especially mid sentence.

If you really have to, you can write it as Sad Face.

It should never be written as sad face.

And I don't know who Sad cat, or any derivative thereof, is.


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You will see that there is a SAD FACE Etsy shop, with links to the shop in the left hand margin. The shop sells SAD FACE cards, illustrations, prints, moleskine notebooks and jewellery. It has become a vital source of income and I really can't thank people enough for shopping SAD FACE.