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School of Life Science, Liaoning Normal University
    The School of Life Sciences (SLS) developed from the Department of Biology of Lining Normal University (LNNU), which originated from the Dalian Junior Teachers’ College founded in 1952. For decades, the SLS has insisted on committing itself to providing high-quality experts and innovation teams that can adeptly serve the interests of national economy with outstanding biological theory and technology. In addition, we has also endeavor to become a training base of high-qualified talents, biotechnology development and popular science education.
    At present, the SLS has a total of floor space of 12,000 square meters, providing spacious room for teaching and scientific researches. There are two national first-category disciplines (Biology and Ecology) for master’s programs, a second-category discipline for doctoral program, 3 second-category disciplines for master’s programs and a post-doctoral training station. Cell Biology and Marine Biology are recognized as key disciplines of Liaoning province, and Cell Biology is also a preponderant discipline in the province. There are several research centers and key laboratories in the School, including “the National-Local Joint Engineering Research Center for Marine Biopharmaceuticals”, “the Provincial Key Scientific and Technological Platforms”, “the Provincial Key Laboratory for Biotechnology”, “the Provincial Key Laboratory for Botany” and “the Provincial Engineering Research Center for Marine Resources”. These platforms greatly improved the facilities for scientific research and teaching of the School. The SLS has also formed several characteristic innovative platforms and established an integrated talent cultivation system for undergraduate, master and doctoral programs.
    Currently, the SLS has 17 professors and 16 associate professors, the fact that most faculties have doctoral degrees and/or overseas working experiences puts the School at the forefront among Chinese normal universities. The SLS has a reasonably structured and high-quality faculty team including one selected as candidates of the “National Hundred, Thousand, and Ten Thousand Talents Project”, one awarded as “Candidates of New Century Training Program Supported by the Ministry of Education”, three “Distinguished Professors of Liaoning Province”.
    The School has been actively engaged in scientific research. Over the past 5 years, the School faculty members have undertaken 114 research programs from various sectors, with a total research grant of more than 25 million yuan. Meanwhile, the School has published a total of 544 research articles in academic journals, of which 175 are Scientific Citation Indexed (SCI).
    The SLS attaches great importance to academic exchanges and cooperation with both domestic and overseas institutions and has hosted several high-level international conferences. Faculties of the school commit themselves to social services by taking positions in domestic and foreign academic organizations. To propel its academic research to the global forefront, the School continues to expand academic exchanges with domestic and oversea universities, to send young faculties to further their study or senior faculties to give lectures in prestigious universities abroad and international academic conferences.
    Highlighting the characteristics of innovation and development, the School will insist on serving the interests of provincial economic developments as well as cultivating high-level innovation and application-oriented talents. The 13th Five Year Plan of LNNU set out the development objective to build the discipline into a domestic first-class normal university with sophisticated major systems.The SLS will also be committed to achieving several high-level research outcomes in certain research fields.
    We sincerely welcome students and young talents all over the word to join and work with us. And we believe, our effort and unity will bring a bright future to the SLS of LNNU.

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