Friday, 13 May 2011



  1. Despite being down, SAD FACE has a spot of color in those balloons. Hope they cheer him up a little, though then he wouldn't be SAD FACE. *hug*

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  3. Hi.
    One of the worst things about depression has always been what I call the reminder. Sometimes, in the midst of the journey, you are having a wonderful day.But then as quickly as the thought happily filled your mind darkness intruded into your brain. Your smile fades. Your eyes go flat. And your aching begins anew.
    And suddenly you know, you just know, that this will be a battle you will fight for the rest of your life, and while the despair threatens to destroy you and harden your heart you still remember the lightness of 5 minutes ago and you promise yourself you will cling to it because it felt so peaceful that you know, despite it all, you're still alive.
    Depressiona Foundation