Tuesday, 14 December 2010



PUBLISHED: Tuesday 31st August 2010, Thursday 9th September 2010, and Wednesday 29th September 2010.

THE STORY: Drawn from personal experience, 'COOKIE' came about at a time when I was trying really, really hard to lose some weight. I think it's called dieting. To try and achieve my weight loss goal, I cut out all treats. All of them. It was an effective way to lose weight, and I did manage to lose some, however it was hard. All I could think about was food. Specifically, my favourite foods. My favourite foods are cake, chocolate and cookies, to name three.

Not allowing myself treat foods was hard, and I spent a lot of time lying around feeling sorry for myself. It was a miserable time, and I do not recommend it.

'COOKIE' was drawn on A5 brilliant white sketching paper with Faber Castle Pitt Artist Pens, and finished in Photoshop.

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