Thursday, 9 December 2010


ACHIEVEMENTS PUBLISHED: Friday 27th August 2010, Wednesday 8th September 2010, and Wednesday 29th September 2010.

THE STORY: This SAD FACE illustration was inspired by a certain someone, and made it's d├ębut on my personal blog site. In the blog piece I wrote about how I was raised 'not to get above myself', and how that ingrained attitude has held me back over the years.

The drawing itself came about one day after hanging out with Monkey. Although she is ten years old, she still loves to play, and enjoys toys. The plastic mouse depicted in this illustration exists, and is the favoured toy of the household. However, I can never find it, because they insist on keeping it under things. I'll fish it out, and ten minutes later it's under something again. You might imagine I tire of this faster than they do.

The look on Monkey's face when she plays with this toy is ridiculous. You'd think for all the world that the plastic mouse is real and she's ever so bravely killed it with her bare paws, no doubt after an epic battle. She sits there smugly, her chest puffed out, so pleased with herself. I appreciate the simplicity of her life, and understand that killing a plastic mouse really is a grand achievement in her mind, and that we should all be awfully proud of her.

This is the first SAD FACE illustration to be drawn on A5 brilliant white 135gsm sketching paper, which is how the majority of SAD FACE illustrations are now created. I'm afraid I can't remember if this was when I started using Faber Castle Pitt Artist Pens (at the advice of a fellow artist). I suspect it was, though, as I went shopping for the paper, and would have bought the pens at the same time. The logic is infallible.


  1. Of course Monkey should be proud- it's quite an accomplishment to kill a plastic mouse that is, presumably, already dead. This means having to kill it twice, like a monster from a movie. You know they never stay dead. Very wise of Monkey to stay on top of these things.

  2. Monkey and 'wise' have never been linked together before.